Sekretariat der EFS
Petra Neubarth
Lehrstuhl für Pharmazeutische Technologie
Cauerstrasse 4 (Haus 6)
91058 Erlangen
Tel: (49) 9131 8529551

Opening hours: We operate flexitime (Gleitzeit). The base opening hours (Kern-Öffnungszeiten) are as follows:

In Semester (15 October - 15 February & 15 April - 15 July)

Monday - Friday: 9:30 - 12:00

Monday - Wednesday: 13:30 - 17:00

Thursday: 13:30 - 16:00

Out of Semester (16 February - 14 April & 16 July - 14 October): 

Monday - Friday: 9:30 - 12:00

Monday - Thursday: 13:30 - 16:00 

Institut für Pharmazeutische Chemie - Stadtplanansicht / Citymap

Your way to us

Travel by Air:

Erlangen may be reached most easily via the nearby Nuremberg airport (ca. 15 km). To go to Erlangen, take the subway line U2 which leads directly to the Nürnberg main railroad station ("Hauptbahnhof") within 12 minutes. Subway trains depart every 10 minutes during daytime hours. Trains to Erlangen depart from the main railroad station about every 20 - 30 minutes. Taxis to Erlangen cost ca. EUR 25, but may be shared.
Munich airport is approx. 160 km south of Erlangen. Train connections to Erlangen are via the "S-Bahn" (rapid tansit) to Munich central station, and then to Erlangen via Nürnberg. Connections may be less convenient than those via Frankfurt airport (see below), although Munich is closer.
Frankfurt airport is approx. 240 km north-west of Erlangen. There are trains directly from the airport to Nürnberg where local trains to Erlangen depart every 20-30 min. during daytime hours. Some of the Frankfurt - Erlangen trains save time by connecting at Fürth rather than at Nuremberg central station. The conductor will advise you.

Travel by Train:

Besides the train service from Munich airport (via Munich central station) and from Frankfurt airport to Erlangen approx. every 1.5-2.0 hrs. during the day, some German "Intercity" lines stop at Erlangen and most in Nuremberg where connections to Erlangen depart every 20-30 min.
The very convenient online service on the World Wide Web, is recommended for scheduling individual train routes in Germany: Please note: For looking up train connections to Erlangen starting from Frankfurt airport, enter "Frankfurt(M)Flugh" as departure. For train connections starting from Munich airport, enter "München Flughafen T" in the query. If your keyboard does not have German "Umlaut" facilities, enter "Munchen Flughafen" instead. The syntax for date entry is, e.g., 21.9.2002. The syntax for time entry is, e.g., 11:00

Travel by Car:

Erlangen may be reached easily via the Autobahn A73. This connects to the A9 from Berlin, the A9 from Munich, or the A3 from Frankfurt. Please look at the map.
Coming from Frankfurt (north west):
Follow the A3 in the "Nürnberg" direction. At Autobahnkreuz "Fürth/Erlangen", switch to the A73 in the "Erlangen/Bamberg" direction (the "Erlangen-West" exit is shorter but more confusing inside Erlangen).
Coming from Hamburg/Hannover/Kassel (north): 
Follow the A7 until Autobahnkreuz "Biebelried" (east of Würzburg). Switch to the A3 in the "Nürnberg" direction. At Autobahnkreuz "Fürth/Erlangen", switch to the A73 towards "Erlangen/Bamberg".
Coming from Berlin (north east):
Follow the A9 in "Nürnberg" direction until Autobahnkreuz "Nürnberg". Switch to the A3 towards "Würzburg". At the Autobahnkreuz "Fürth/Erlangen" switch to the A73 towards "Erlangen/Bamberg".
Coming from Basel etc. (south west and west):
Follow the A5 until Autobahnkreuz "Walldorf". Switch to the A6 in the "Heilbronn/Nürnberg" direction. At the Autobahnkreuz "Nürnberg-Süd", do not switch to the A73 in "Erlangen" direction. Alhough this route is shorter it may become confusing inside the Nürnberg area. Instead, follow the A6 straight on in "Amberg" direction. At Autobahnkreuz "Nürnberg-Ost", switch to the A9 in "Berlin/Würzburg" direction. Strictly follow the "Würzburg" signs. At the Autobahnkreuz "Nürnberg" you will automatically take the A3 towards "Würzburg". At Autobahnkreuz "Fürth/Erlangen", switch to the A73 in "Erlangen/Bamberg" direction.
Coming from Passau/Austria (south east):
Follow the A3 passing by Regensburg in the "Würzburg" direction. At Autobahnkreuz "Fürth/Erlangen", switch to the A73 towards "Erlangen/Bamberg".
Coming from the Czech Republic (east):
Drive on the A6 towards "Nürnberg". At the Autobahnkreuz "Altdorf", take the A3 in "Würzburg" direction. At Autobahnkreuz "Fürth/Erlangen", switch to the A73 towards "Erlangen/Bamberg". Coming from Munich (south):
Drive on the A9 strictly in the "Würzburg" direction. The A9 connects to the A3 at Autobahnkreuz "Nürnberg". At the Autobahnkreuz "Fürth/Erlangen", switch to the A73 towards "Erlangen/Bamberg".
Common for all directions:
On the Autobahn A73, take the "Erlangen-Zentrum" exit. Coming from north (unlikely if you followed the routes suggested above) you will automatically be on the "Werner-von-Siemens-Strasse". Coming from south, turn right at the end of the exit in "Erlangen-Ost" direction and then go straight onto the "Werner-von-Siemens-Strasse". Keep going strait on at the next traffic lights and then turn left at the following traffic lights into "Schuhstrasse". Follow "Schuhstrasse" northwards until it crosses "Henkestrasse" (again traffic lights!). You're now facing the Institute of Pharmacy from the south side. There is short-term parking along the pavement next to the Institute. However, it is expensive to park there for longer periods. Instead, check out the parking facilities at your hotel. Click here for a map of further parking facilities. Please look up the city map for details.
Transportation in Erlangen:
The walking distance between the Erlangen railroad station and the Institute for Pharmacy is 10-15 min. When exiting the railroad station to the "Bahnhofsplatz", go strait across the "Hugenottenplatz" and follow the street until you face the University library. Then turn right and follow the "Schuhstrasse" straight on. After about 200-300m on the left side you'll find the main entrance to the Institute for Pharmacy. The secretary can be found on the second floor. (See "Visit our Institute") You can also check here for the local transportation system (VGN) and it's prices.